Monday, March 10, 2008

Airport fun.

Well I recently went on a plane trip to St. Louis and I learned something interesting. On my return trip I had gotten to the airport fairly early and made it to the gate my flight was supposed to leave from and well to my surprise there was another flight leaving for the exact same destination I was heading only about 2 hours earlier. Well I talked to the person at the counter for that gate to see if I could possibly get on the earlier flight. I half expected her to say "No, I'm sorry" but she didn't. She just asked me if I had any bags checked for my original flight and when I said no she printed me out a ticket for the earlier flight. Needless to say I was pretty pleased by all of this especially because I found out later that the flight I was supposed to take was delayed by like an hour, which would have sucked! Anyway lesson learned her is that if you do not have any bags checked and there are open seats on the sooner flight they will allow you to get on the flight which is AWESOME! :)

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